Book Review: #1

She is Free: Learning the Truth about the Lies that Hold You Captive

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.58.18 AMIF we have have talked in the last 5 months, I may have mentioned the book, She is Free. I feel like I have told EVE.RY.ONE about it so it makes sense for this to be my first book review. I couldn’t wait for this book to come out. I pre-ordered it and I had never done that before. I could not put it down!


  1. End of the Chapters-I LOVED the questions and action steps at the end of the chapters. I like the practical-ness(it’s a word…) of that section. I could take what she wrote and then figure out how that applied to me and my life. It was so helpful for me to navigate that season especially since I was reading this book on my own.
  2. Truth Vs. Lie- At the beginning of the “Freedom” Chapters, Andi started with a Lie that we might believe if we need freedom in a certain area and she replaced the Lie with the Truth at the end of the chapter. These little truths were so powerful that I would remind myself of them, like a mantra, when I could feel myself slipping into old habits.
  3. Video Series- There is now a video series available to go along with the book. This would be a GREAT way to do a simple book study with some friends and walk in freedom together!
  4. REAL! Andi is so open and real. Andi writes is like you are chatting with a girlfriend at coffee. She shares her honest testimony from her life and the journey she went on to claim her freedom. The authenticity she brings is so comforting. The entire time reading this book, I kept thinking, “WOW! She struggles with that too! It isn’t just ME!” The freedom I found in that simple thing, being real and honest, was enough for me but the words she writes brings even more bang for your buck!


Let me say first, to pick one thing was extremely HARD so I picked two ; ) The first impactful thing I learned during the book was during the “Freedom from Shame” Chapter. Andi writes,

“When she heard that Jesus was passing through town, he desperation for healing superseded her shame. She risked public ridicule and the possibility of making others unclean to see him… To go from captivity to freedom, we must humble ourselves like the woman with the issue of blood and say ‘I don’t care what the cost is and I no longer care what people think; I will do whatever it takes to get free from this bondage” Pg 141.

Here Andi is referring to Mark 5:25-34, and this woman’s desire to be healed by Jesus. After reading this, I began to ask myself what shame is holding me back from discovering more of Jesus and more of who He says I am.

The second part that really impacted me was in “Freedom from Fear”. It was a simple line but brought so much to me. “Jesus paid the price for full freedom, not partial freedom” pg 103. I mean, wow! For me, the light bulb finally went on! His love was so great that He died for FULL access to the Father and His kingdom. I don’t have to carry around Unforgiveness, Fear, Anger, Shame, Control, or Isolation. I can live fully FREE in HIM!

I would highly encourage you to check out this book! Click here to get your copy of this amazing book for yourself or a friend. Get a group of girls together and read it together. The video series is perfect for a gathering of girls to watch and discuss together.  Also, if you are interested, Andi hosts a She is Free conference in New York! Happy reading!

With Love,



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