Where are my Real Moms at?

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.21.39 PM

To the mom who is:
-beyond tired,
-driving all over the city to get kids to activities,
-covered in spit up and breastmilk,
-doing it all alone,
-wondering if 4:32PM is too early for her “one” glass 
of wine,
-worried if she is enough,
-hiding the good snacks from her kids,
-working multiple jobs to make ends meet,
-excited to have a shower/bathroom break all alone,
-keeping yoga pants in business,
-barely hanging on somedays,
-calmly whispering into her child’s ear their reminder about
 how they are to behave,
-counting that dance party today as her workout,
-careful to not laugh too hard or sneeze or jump on a trampoline,
-about to drop off her baby at daycare for the very first time,
-using only paper plates for everything now because it is just too
many dishes,
-giving her little boy another snack so she can make it through the
 grocery store without losing her…
-laying in bed missing her kids even though she just spent an entire 
day with them,
and everything in between.

We are all on a journey! And one might think just because the pathway we are all walking on is called the same thing, Motherhood, that we all have the same road ahead, turns, mountains, valleys, and bumps along the way. After I had more than one kid, I quickly learned how everything is different. Even with my own children. Think about that. Even our own children are different from each other! So how could I possibly compare my journey to yours?! It doesn’t even make sense when you sit and think about it. We all have different ways of doing things and reasons why we do what we do. But we know what is best! He picked you to be their mama! Not that one person in your life who you compare yourself to and think “if I could just be like her”. Nope. He could have picked her. But He picked YOU. The best part to me is that since He picked me, that means He trusts me. He has given me Grace and Wisdom to know how to raise them. I don’t have to fear or worry because He loves me and He loves my kids more than I do! SO let’s cheer each other on! Let’s celebrate this beautifully, messy road we are on TOGETHER! Instead of looking down on, judging, or comparing ourselves to another mom, let’s be confident enough to LOVE them and say, “They know what is best! They are doing the best they can, where they are at in their journey.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.50.20 PM

So to you Mama, I say well done, keep it up, and don’t give up! Today I encourage you to KEEP going and DO YOU! You are doing a good job! Not just getting by and average but REALLY GOOD!

AND just for a little laughter in your day, check out this video of  MOM TRUTHS  ; )

Happy Mother’s Day lovely one!

With love,



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