HELLO Summer!

Fun Summer Activities

I LOVE summer! I love the freedom, the lazy days, and the late night movies. I love the watermelon, the BBQs, the endless days in the water, and all the memories being made. I love the vacations and all the family time we get-Welcome Home Daddy! Sometimes though, because there is so much freedom and time, I get a little overwhelmed and I find myself asking “Well…what should we do today??”.  I am guessing there may be someone else out there trying to make summer plans. SO, Here ya go! First, here are some of our family favorites:

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.50.24 PM

1)Parks! We love to head out early to a park and enjoy being outside before it is unbearably HOT! We have a GREAT neighborhood park that we go to almost everyday.  Our two favorites though are Fischer Park in New Braunfels and Bulverde Community Park in Bulverde. Both are perfect places for picnics, working out, and have they water to play in!

3)The San Antonio ZOO- This is one of the places around town that we have a membership. We always enjoy it and this summer they have the Zoorassic Park! My tip for the zoo is go when it opens-9AM! The animals will be more active and it won’t be as hot. We stay until about 11AM, see whatever we can see, and then head to the picnic tables to eat lunch. We always bring our lunch and sometimes we feed the birds or ducks. The boys usually fall asleep in the car on the way home- Mom win!

4)The DoSeum –  This is our favorite place and we have a membership here too. We love it! It is so fun because of how interactive everything is. There is something for all ages, even a quiet room for babies. One of the best things about the DoSeum is most the time you are inside and not in the heat, but if you are outside there is water to play in or with to help cool you off. Be sure to bring extra clothes and a towel. We also like to bring lunch or stop at one of the near by restaurants, depending on the time. A small Bakery Lorraine is also located inside. 

5)The Witte Museum-  This museum is great for older kiddos in my opinion. There are a few things for younger ones but not to much. They do have the Predators vs Prey Exhibit happening now through September 3rd, 2018. This museum is a pricer place BUT on Tuesdays after 3pm it is FREE for general admission! 

6)The Bouncy Place! (As Hayden calls it) This is one the best places in my opinion. Inflatable Wonderland is located in Rolling Oaks mall. It is so great! Tuesdays and Thursdays are half price AND if you wanted to do some shopping before or after, you could! I love that it is inside for those hot summer afternoons and the kids can still run and play. The admission lasts ALL day too! So you could go jump for a bit, eat a Chick-Fil-A in the food court, and then jump some more. Be sure to bring socks! 

7)Libraries- During the summer, the libraries have so many events going on. Craft times, summer reading programs, and so much more! We like to go to some of the San Antonio libraries and the Bulverde/Spring Branch library. I love that the boys and I can get new books every week and we also pick our Friday night movie night movie from there too! It is a great way to spend time and save money!

For more check out this blog! Because WOW! This girl has got it down. Seriously, I think she mentions everything. SO helpful!

Next, here are some of our favorite indoor games we use for rainy and/or those extra Hot Days! Below are my go to ideas:

1)Hide-N -Seek with flashlights- If it is really dark inside or the power has gone out from a rainy day, this is the perfect game! OR you could always just do regular Hide-N-Seek inside without the flashlights. Both are great!

2)Go “camping” in the living room-Build a fort! There is something about getting all the blankets out and taking the cushions off the couch, that the boys love! They will make a house and bring all their toys inside. You could even have Smore’s on your “camping trip” to make it Smore fun ; )

3)How far can you jump? Using masking tape, create lines on the floor and then have the kids see how far they can jump. I write numbers with a pen. You could also do letters and have the jump to certain letters.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.47.37 PM

4)Masking tape road- Create a road for trucks and cars to go on. I love this! The boy will race ALL their cars around. I like to make the road go up the couch too, just to make it more interesting.

5)Color squares- This one is great because you can play mini twister or Simon says with colors.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.49.27 PM

6)Masking tape laser obstacle course. In a hallway or small area, make an obstacle course for them to get through. Of course, if they hit the tape, they have to pretend their arm is being cut off. Hehe! 

7)Balloons! So cheap, so worth it, and so many possibilities! 

8)Puzzle hunt! Use the puzzle pieces like eggs in an egg hunt. Hide the pieces and they have to search to finish the puzzle. We like to use these kind of puzzles.

You can find more indoor activities HERE! She has so many good ones!

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.54.11 PM

Here is our Summer Bucket List:

1)Inspiration Island at Morgan’s Wonderland

2)The beach

3)SeaWorld- Shane loves Elmo so the  Sesame Street Party Parade would be perfect!

4)The Pearl– Story time, splash pad, food, drinks, farmers market, and MORE!  

I hope these lists and tips are helpful for all your summer fun!!

With Love,




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