Your Voice Has Power

1 Year. My blog has been live for a little over a year now. I can’t believe that! It has been an amazing journey. So, I thought for this special “1 Year Post”, I would take you back to the very beginning. In my very first launch post, Cheers to the Beginning, I said it took 6 months to get the blog started and I want to share that story with you.IMG_2789

In August before I started my blog, I had this idea and told a friend. I was disappointed because she did not like the idea and honestly made me feel as if I couldn’t do it. Since I was insecure in myself and the idea, I let it fade into the back of my mind. I do not fault this person at all. I asked for their opinion and they gave it. I made the choice to believe their opinion instead of my heart. So as much I could have wanted to blame them, it was my choice to take their opinion and make it my own. After that day, I only casually thought about this idea every now and then but I would shut it down quickly in my mind. Sadly, I had allowed someone else’s thoughts to dictate what I was going to do. Almost 2 months later, I went to a different friend’s house for a Young Living Oils event. I was feeling a little down that day. I remember being sad in the car and not wanting to go…Usually, a sign that I need to go. The event was fun and I had a good time. I was getting ready to leave the same way I had walked in, still feeling down. Thankfully, God had other plans.

There was a woman at the event who I had never met. I could feel her sweet spirit was overflowing. She politely told me she felt like she need to give me an encouraging word and asked if she could pray for me. This moment. I can close my eyes and still picture everything about it. She spoke straight to my heart. I began to cry as she sweetly talked to my heart like a mom would have done to her daughter. After she prayed, she asked me if wrote or had a blog? WHAT?! I literally Laughed Out Loud. I was in shock. This was the idea I had told someone about months before. I opened up to her and the other girls there. Thankfully, they were some of my core people and biggest fans so it was easy to do. As I write that right now, I am reminded of God’s kindness to do that and arrange the night perfectly for me. I told the girls about this teeny tiny dream I had. This small idea of writing a blog. I was blown away by their support and confirmation that I should go for it! It was a beautiful moment and something I think about often whenever I feel like I just can’t.


Now, I would love to say the next day I started the blog and had thousands of followers the week after that. But, we all know that’s not even close to how the story goes. I spent the next 6 months writing ideas on post its, mini blog posts, and walking around with fear like it was a back-pack. I wanted so badly to step out and just do it already but I was still crippled by fear. I had to work through a lot of junk to get to the place where I was able to finally post the first blog. But that moment, when someone stepped out of their comfort zone to give me an encouraging word, it changed my life. God used that moment to be a catalyst for so many things.

The Bible tells us that “The tongue has the power of life and death” Proverbs 18:21

I know for me, so many times growing up or listening to sermons, I have heard people talk about the power of our words and how to guard our tongue. It was always with this negative connotation though. The lesson 9 times out of 10 seemed to be about what not to say, not to gossip, not to lie, etc.  While those things are important, I believe that there has been a little bit of a misunderstanding. Our words can bring death BUT they can also bring LIFE. Genesis 1:3 “God Said”. Genesis 1:6 “God Said”. Genesis 1:9 “God Said” 1:14 1:20 1:24 1:26 1:29. He spoke things into existence. How Cool!?! I believe life can be created in how we speak to each other.


We have the power to change someone’s moment, day, or lifetime. That feeling like you need to tell her that she has a cute dress on, or a beautiful smile, or that she is killin’ it at being a mom?! Do it! Tell Her! I promise it can only bring life. I mean, when someone gives me a compliment, I feel better! Don’t you? But sometimes, it is deeper. You feel that strong pull in your spirit. A tug on your heart to encourage someone in their gifting or something you see for their future. Like in my story, this then stranger to me,  didn’t know what would have come of her stepping out and praying for me. She didn’t know what she was partnering with God to change history (at least for me and my family). All she knew was that she felt a leading by God and she obeyed that feeling. I encourage you to follow that leading. There is power in sharing our story, speaking up for others, and declaring what is Truth.

I’ve recently seen in my own life and community seen the power of our voice. When we stand together for things, we see God move. When we call out the gold in each other and raise up one another, we see fruit from that. I believe part of being the church(the body of Christ) is to do just that!

For a little bit of side note: I want to speak to the self-talk. The stuff we tell to ourselves, either out loud or in our minds. We can get so down on ourselves and I just want to say, stop it. Stop speaking those lies. And if you haven’t been told lately-






If you wouldn’t talk to your daughter, son, friend, mom, or whoever that way, why on earth would you talk to yourself that way?! Be so kind to yourself.  You are worth it! Speak Life over those troubled areas, that dream, your marriage, your kids, your health. Your voice has the power to bring life or death. Sometimes I know, from my own experience, I feel like I can’t speak the things I know. If you happen to be in that place today, or any other day, I would recommend reaching out to a trusted friend who can speak those things for you OR playing worship music and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak over you. That may sounds silly but He will. He is the comforter. This song, Praise is the Highway,  is one of my new favs.

One of my dearest friends recently told me: “I truly believe this is only the beginning and it’s going to be better than you can think or imagine and bigger than you know!” With that in mind, I’m saying Cheers to Year #2!

With Love,


P.S.  A special thank you to my hubby for being my biggest cheerleader, support, and photographer. Thank you for leading me well and never letting me give up on my dreams. So because he is teaching me to let out the fun side, here are some our outtakes.

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