Summer of FUN!

BalloonsI’m not sure how this is possible BUT it is already summer time!! I love everything summer- even the Texas heat! I love beach trips, water balloons, popsicles just because, staying up late, and lots of grilling! But this summer will be a little different for our family because for the first time ever in our existence as a couple/marriage/family, I will be working. I know for most people this is the norm but for me, this is brand new. I’m happy of course that I have a job and my boys will keep a little bit of a schedule going to daycare a few days a week, but it is going to be an adjustment-mostly for me. However, like any summer, we have a bucket list and fun things we are going to be doing! Regardless of the life season we are in, we are set out to make the actual season one for the books! We are declaring that this summer will be full of FUN! Here is last summer’s ideas: HELLO Summer! All of these ideas are still GREAT but you may need to check dates and events. For this summer here is our bucket list (on left) and a list of 50 fun things:

I wanted to share some of my new MOM/LIFE hacks and tips: Summer Edition!

  1. Backyard Station! I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, The Sister Studio. If you don’t follow her, you should!  She is A-MAZING and a fellow Texas girl! This is set up right by my backdoor, which happens to be in the Kitchen. Everything we need for outside: sunscreen, bugs spray(because these mosquitos are the size of Texas, y’all), bubbles, water balloons, and towels.Backyerd
  2. Laundry Helper! This bucket is stationed outside for any and all clothes/laundry that gets wet while outside. Then the bucket goes straight upstairs to our laundry room. No more carrying wet, dripping clothes through the house. My bucket is from Hobby Lobby. It is on sale now for 50% but if you miss the sale, use the 40% coupon in the app. Bucket
  3. Snack Boxes! My kids for some reason seem to be starving ALL DAY when they are home. We have snack boxes in the pantry but I am hoping to move to a set up like this for the summer to help with all the snacking… I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
  4. DATES! Yes, with your spouse but also with your kiddos. We try to do things with each of our boys with just myself or with my husband. Sometimes, it is an ice cream trip or  just getting to stay up a little bit later and watch a special show(for us that is Food Network). Good quality 1 on 1 time. The summer is such a perfect time to have that time with our kids and pour into the relationship.
  5. The Kitchen’s Sabbath! If you don’t already have this, PIZZA Night! Or whatever your favorite is. For me…pizza. I could eat it every day. If Pizza isn’t your jam like it is for me, that’s okay! Plan a night once a week that you have an easier night for cooking or no cooking. Whatever your budget can afford. Having that day off is so helpful for me and I always look forward to it.
  6. Have the bags ready! This goes for any season I guess but in regards to summer,  I like to keep the sandbox/park bag and the restaurant bag ready. We have a lot more time to be on the go and being prepared makes me feel a little bit like I know what I’m doing. I also feel more inclined to jump and go do something if things are already ready. If you don’t like having the bags all packed, you could also have a list of things needed for each location on your phone or on the fridge. That way all you have to do is grab the gear and go!

Lastly, I just want to encourage you. Summer is sometimes intimating. For many reasons, it is a tough season for some of us mamas.  Routines are different, schedules change, and it can be overwhelming. I want to encourage you to embrace it. One of my favs says “Embrace the Chaos”(Rachel Hollis). Play in the water, eat the popsicle, let them play in the mud, jump on the trampoline…even if you need to take 10 potty breaks 😉 But be with them and let them be little. Create those memories. We only get 18 summers with them and then they get to have their own “Summer Bucket List”. If the summer overwhelms you, I would encourage you to make a schedule to help break up the day, weeks, and the three months. If that is too much, I would love to help create that for you!                      Here is an easy place to start from The Mother’s NicheDays

Lastly, if you are traveling this summer- be sure to check out me travel blog HERE! for all kinds of travel tips.

As always, if YOU have tips or tricks related to any of these areas, please, please share in the comments!! I would love to hear what you do! I am ALWAYS looking for ways to make things easier and more FUN!

Happy Summer!

With Love,


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  1. Great ideas Ashley! Hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed summer! Looking forward to seeing all the adventures that you and sweet family are up to!

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